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Career opportunities in IKEA-UAE (Swedish multinational company)

Career opportunities in IKEA-UAE (Swedish multinational company)

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IKEA is a Swedish multinational gathering of organizations that outlines and offers prepared to collect furniture, (for example, beds, seats and work areas), machines and home extras. It has been the world's biggest furniture retailer since no less than 2008. Established in Sweden in 1943 by then-17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad, who is currently one of the ten wealthiest individuals on the planet and the proprietor of a more than 40 billion dollar fortune.

IKEA strive to accomplish quality at moderate costs for their clients through upgrading their whole esteem chain, by building long haul provider connections, putting resources into very mechanized creation and delivering extensive volumes. Their vision likewise goes past home outfitting. They need to make a superior regular for all individuals affected by their business.

1.They hire the right people

IKEA co-workers tend to be down-to-earth, hard workers with a genuine willingness to work together. While there are many reasons to join IKEA, if you ask co-workers why they stay, their number one response is “because of the people”.

2.They’re inspired!

When a company has a vision and clear values you can believe in, it’s not hard to get inspired. More than 90% of IKEA co-workers know what we’re here for. Almost 80% feel inspired at work (and we’re working on the other 20%).

3.Making mistakes is okay – really

There’s a saying at IKEA companies that it’s okay to make mistakes - everyone does it. In fact, we think it’s a healthy way to learn and improve.

4.An up, down and sideways career

IKEA has more different types of jobs than any other company in the world. If co-workers get tired of what they’re doing or just want to try something else, they can move to a new role within IKEA, not outside IKEA.

5.Sweden today, China tomorrow

Since IKEA has stores and offices in more than 44 countries, with the same values and business idea worldwide, moving from country to country is not uncommon. And if you do move, there’s always another friendly IKEA person to help you adjust.

6.The rewards of a never-ending job

People like working for a company they can be proud of. So far IKEA Social Initiative has benefited 100 million children in need. And we are working on the never-ending job of being kinder to the environment.

7.Learning by the seat of your pants

What other company trusts you with a €30 million budget? At the age of 22? If you are the right person for the job, learning with support and coaching is a way of life at IKEA.

8.A parent-friendly environment

IKEA is a business, without a doubt, but it is our policy to put people first. And people have lives outside work that include families. That means we believe in a parent-friendly environment.

9.The original social network

The people you work with are also your friends. You know there’s someone to turn to in every major city around the world. And you instantly have something to talk about with 127,000 people a lot like yourself. That's a big social network.

  • Location:Dubai | UAE 
  • Location:Abu Dhabi | UAE 
  • Location:Dubai | UAE 
  • Location:Dubai | UAE 
  • Location:Dubai | UAE 
  • Location:Abu Dhabi | UAE 

  • Location:Abu Dhabi | UAE 
  • Location:Dubai | UAE 
  • Location:Doha | Qatar 
  • Location:Dubai | UAE 
  1. Applying for a job at IKEA is easy.
  2. Use our search engine to find the job that interests you.
  3. Submit your cover letter and CV containing any information you feel is relevant. (Remember that a good cover letter says more about who you are and where you’re at than 100 diplomas)
  4. They notify you when received your application and keep you posted. 

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