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Apply for a Jobs @ Dubai Customs

Apply for a Jobs @ Dubai Customs

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Dubai Customs, “The Mother of Government Departments”
Inception and Development
Dubai Customs is one of the earliest government departments known as “Al Furdha”, a classic Arabic term for “berth”, i.e. the designated location in a port or harbor used for mooring ships when they are not at sea. Firmly established, Dubai Customs was called “the Mother of Government Departments”, particularly because some of the other departments were based at the Customs old building and financed through the revenue collected by Customs.
Over its long history spanning over a century, Dubai Customs never stopped evolving. In the era of the late Sheikh Rashid Bin Said Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, Dubai Customs adopted an institutional direction. The first floor of the Customs old building was used by the Ruler of Dubai as his official office, reflecting the critical role of Customs and its position in Dubai, which was renowned for its trade and traders.
Keeping on its corporate building and development process, Dubai Customs gained a wide regional and international reputation. Due to its advanced infrastructure and state-of-the-art management facilities and services, Dubai Customs became a destination of choice for investors and businessmen.
Our Vision
The leading customs administration in the world supporting legitimate trade.
Our Mission
Protecting the society and sustaining economic development through compliance and facilitation.
Our Values
In our quest towards our strategic vision and realizing our overall mission, we shall always be guided by our shared values which are:
Leadership: To adopt global best practices in customs work that will sustain reputation of Dubai as a global trading hub.
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